5 Reasons Businesses and Leaders Thrive or Dive

The Thrill of Victory

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like being on a winning team. Sharing in the thrill of victory. 

Seeing the joy on your teammates’ faces. Having others to hug, high-five, chest bump, spray champagne, or celebrate however it is you and your team like to celebrate, compounds the level of stoke for everyone on the team.

Business is no different.


The Agony of Defeat

The High Performance Team Effect leverages the power of people and purpose to elevate business success through the development of happy, healthy, loyal teams.

While many businesses state “our people are our greatest asset”, there are far fewer that actually behave accordingly.

Unfortunately, high performance teams are the exception rather than the rule. Leaders often know what needs to be done but lack the skill to execute effectively or don’t prioritize the time needed to actually put their people first. 


Survival Mode

We see a paradox in leadership where very few leaders have actually had leadership training.

The majority of leaders were good at their jobs and were promoted into leadership roles. With the complexity and pace at which our lives are operating now, the learn-as-you-go days of OTJ (On The Job) training are fading away.

Without a dedicated approach to up-skill both seasoned and emerging leaders, our teams won’t reach the levels of performance we need to see our businesses thrive.


Thriving Together

As social animals, we desire the camaraderie and collaboration of teaming with others.

Intuitively, we know there is a greater chance for success when we work together. We are hardwired to leverage the strength and safety of a tribe over that of an individual.

Additionally, the positive effects of working as a team have been well documented to elevate pleasure and mitigate pain.  


In Simon Sinek’s book, “Leaders Eat Last”, he highlighted the four essential chemicals that are savored by high performance teams:

1) Dopamine, which contributes to the feeling of elation when tasks or goals are completed,

2) Oxytocin, which is produced through human touch and acts of kindness, invokes feelings of love and loyalty,

3) Serotonin, which elevates our sense of pride and gratitude, and

4) Endorphins, which mask pain, promote happiness, and energize oneself.

With all those powerful benefits, it’s easy to understand why very few actually go it alone. And as you can imagine, a team environment will inevitably provide an exponential number of opportunities to spark the physiological and psychological benefits noted above.


Building the Dream Team

Creating the High Performance Team Effect requires a trifocal approach - to the BUSINESS, to the LEADER, and to the TEAM - or the “BLT” as we like to call it.

We use the 5-C’s:

  • Clarity,
  • Connection,
  • Communication,
  • Commitment, 
  • Consistency.

At each level to ensure that all levels of the BLT are focused on the right stuff for building and sustaining high performance. 


As Shola Richards eloquently states the African proverb in his book “Go Together” and reinforces in his powerful TEDx talk, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The High Performance Team Effect is proving to be a differentiator between good business and great business. The coaching methodology works from the inside out to develop your people, embrace your purpose, and create happy, healthy, loyal teams to help your business soar. 

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