Moving beyond SMART Goals to Start MASTERING GOALS


Make sure all your goals are aligned with the mission. Don’t worry about making the high level goals measurable.

It’s difficult to create aspirational goals with tons of metrics. Focus on tying your top goals to purpose and then set measurable metrics which indicate success.



Goals without accountability built in and around them are destined to fail. Be very clear about what accountability looks like at all levels. Establish and schedule specific dates for reviewing the key performance metrics.

Make sure it is clear what rewards or consequences look like as well.



Easily attainable goals motivated no one ever. Make sure your goals are going to be at least a bit challenging and then have at least one Big Hairy Audacious Goal.



Creating team-based goals is critical in both personal and professional success. We are social beings with highly diverse skill sets. Leverage the strength of your tribe.


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Get Clear or Get Lost

The first principle of success for high performance teams and the businesses in which they work is clarity.

This seems so simple, and it is. It’s just not easy. 


Quick! Recite your company the the values...

Do you know three organizational goals?

If you’re like 98% of the business owners and leaders I work with, you didn’t do very well on that exercise. So why all the hype around company vision, mission, etc.? 

Because it’s really freakin’ important!


Wait a minute. If it’s really freakin’ important then why don’t most of us know them?

Great question.

Herein lie the problems: What was once clear, has since been muddled.

What seemed clear to the founders, was never clearly conveyed to the team.

What was once clear, was actually just a fancy bunch of words which were never grounded in the actual culture or construct of the business (ouch). 


Be Visionary

A company Vision...

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